World trade is growing, and shippers requires to ensure and certify transport service. Verify cargo condition, stowing and lashing procedures to minimize risk and mitigate loss. We verify processes and assist operation to guarantee the proper condition for your cargo. Furthermore, when things get complicated, we investigate, determine assessment of damages and responsibility to your best interests.


Whether in rolled, sheets, rods, bars and wire the steel is a high value cargo and to protect your interests we can offer you the below services; the above trading produce to the cargo damages by handlings, saltwater contamination of sweating; proper inspections are necessary to ensure that the cargo is correctly handled or ascertain the responsibility of the damages:

  • Preloading Inspection & Tally

  • Stowing and lashing

  • Discharge control (out turn survey)

  • Container loading according to CTU Ruless

  • Damage detection

  • Transport and Quality Claims

  • Damage assessment

  • Salvage

IMO Cargo

Dangerous Goods and Marine pollutants are exceptional cargoes with high standard requirements regulated on maritime transport by IMDG International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMO International Maritime Organization) and on road transport by ADR (Dangerous Goods by Road). Both are providing guidelines to avoid incident and prepare cargo for shipping.

We can offer Vanning Certificate, cargo segregation, container gas free certificate, preloading according to IMO/ILO/UNECE Rules, and casualty investigation performed by IMO certified inspectors.

Feeds and grains

Either in bulk or bag the transport of grains needs to guarantee the condition complying with cleaning preloading area, humidity parameters, heat, etc. We conduct several services for transport to ensure condition and prevent damages, as well as shortage claim with the following service:

  • Draft Survey

  • Vessel cargo holds’ sealing / unsealing

  • Hold Preparation and certification

  • On Hire / Off Hire Survey

  • Hatch Cover Ultrasound Test / Certificate

  • Cargo Contamination / cargo sweating

Perishables and temperature control cargo

We ensure cargo tracking and verify condition according to cold chain is particularly important to guarantee the best quality for human consumption. We are proud to have in our team specialized surveyors in reefer transports, performing inspection such as verification of:

  • Preloading with stowage and packing advice

  • Reefer vessel inspections

  • Temperature Data logger Analysis

  • Assessment of damages

  • Claim Handling

  • Investigations into the nature, extent and cause of damage

  • Loss prevention advice

Oil & Chemicals

Our services include surveyor assistance during operations to endorse the correct protocols. We offer sounding / ullage survey, sampling inspection, assistance & investigation during contamination detection and laboratory witnessing. We perform intervention on board or at shore terminal facilities to determine causes and proper assessment of damages.

Cargo Contamination

Cargo may be affected by different factors depending on their nature. For this reason, it is very important to know the specific conditions and requirements of the cargo to assess and investigate the causes and nature, segregate and mitigate damages, provide salvage offers and cargo destruction assistance.


We provide sampling of cargo according to international standards procedures. We offer our clients a service based on their specific needs during the operation process, cargo condition or contamination.

Cargo Road Accident

We are always ready for urgent intervention to verify cargo condition, cause of incident, assessment of damages, recovery, claim handling and salvage.

Cargo Transport Damage

Previous, During and After cargo road/intermodal transport we can offer different type of inspection in order to avoid and or limit the possible claim, being important to carry out the investigation of the initial risk, transport event and evaluate the correct damage, loss adjust and possible salvages to give insurance companies the full service during claim handling.


We look after your interests following the processes and requirements necessary to ensure what is really important.


This prevention survey allows to mitigate further discrepancies between the parties when quantities must be controlled to get veracity and prevent claims. Full intervention during loading and discharge, shore scale verification, cargo quantification & draft survey give you the information you need to control your cargo and avoid shortage claims.

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