In a world where the maritime industry is responsible for the 80% of trade, shipping service has important challenges to deliver cargo on time, safely and complying with international regulation. To scope this goal and mitigate loss of profits we provide different services according to your needs, looking always for your interests and important demands


Assistances and services to conduct survey verifying ship standards, risk reviews, operation assistances, claims handling support, prevent losses and mitigation of damages. Direct from the Club or through local correspondents we are ready for immediate intervention by our in-house technical marine department for guidance and support on incidents or fatalities.

H & M

Survey inspections are carried out in order to identify the damage or loss of the incident on Hull and Machineries on board; including:

  • Witnessing and supervision during repair operations

  • Costs control

  • Causes of the incident

  • Assessment of loss or damage


We perform survey to all types of vessels and machinery including repairs and dry docking, and our assistance involving incidents as collision, machinery breakdown, fire, stranding, water ingress, etc. Providing full control of assessment and reviews of costs in all this type and every stage of incidents.


When losses occur during a vessel voyage, and the Captain has no other option but to declare General Average to sacrifice some of the cargo to save life, vessel or cargos; The cost of the sacrifice is shared proportionately among the stakeholders in the maritime transport.

Our intervention to assess the damages to the vessel and cargo, by stablish our Average Adjustors skills to determine a nominal value to the damage cost.

We also perform survey investigation after extreme accidents as fire, explosions, collisions, grounding, water entrance, etc.



Cargo inspection before loading and intervention during operation to detect and list damages to add as shipping document support and validate real and final condition of cargo preventing unnecessary claims at the POD.

Tallying cargo to verify quantities loaded on board is also a service provided by our team, to give you the confirmation of condition of cargo been shipped and prevent shortage and future claims.



Discharge Survey intervention allows you to control different parameters of quantities and quality. Draft survey, cargo quality and condition verification before operations, sealing/unsealing, collect sampling, damage detection, shortage control, cargo contamination, others.



Fuel is an important operational cost on shipping, that requires full attention and control. We conduct bunker survey to verify correct quantities on board. If the intervention is required for bunker transfer operation, we perform the full survey before, during and after the loading to keep track on the quantities loaded.



Owners or charters need to establish the correct delivery condition of the vessel previous or after Charter Party Contract. Our inspection is conducted to verify cargo holds, bunker figures and all the general structure of the vessel in order to determine if new damage have occurred to the ship from cargo operations and/or stevedores damage during contract. Bunker ROB and pre-calculating consumption in the delivery position according to the document clauses is also included on this service to stablish the correct figures for your best interests.



In order to determine accurate weight of bulk cargo loaded on board the vessel a Draft Survey is performed before and after operations to stablish the correct figures. Draft marks reading, ballast sounding, consumption control, storage, densities and constant weight will be part of the calculation of the different parameters to finally obtain the correct cargo weight.



Special Cargo and not standardized cargo mean usually high value.

To be sure that such kind of Special / Project Cargo, also Break Bulk Cargo is handled, stowed and secured on board under Shippers’ special requirements, strictly forwarding Manufacturer handling, lifting and lashing plan, and also according to International Safety Rules, our specialized personnel can offer a complete consultancy and inspection during all step of marine and or intermodal transport.

Our experimented surveyor are usually appointed as Port Captain, Loading Master, Supercargo working together with Terminal, Shipping Line and Master to achieve safety shipping and client satisfaction.


“OOG” Out of Gage Cargo, “BBC” Break Bulk Cargo, Project Cargo etc…need to be shipped under safety regulation as CSS Code / IMO Code of Safe Practice for Cargo Stowage and Securing and the requirements under SOLAS Convention for a CSM / Cargo Securing Manual.

Our experimented surveyor can act as a bridge between Shipper and Terminal / Shipping Line / Lashing Company and / or Vessel’s command, providing is experience and accuracy to follow safe securing practices by means of certified lashing materials.

Lashing calculation according with IMO Regulation / CTU Code are provided by using the “Rule of Thumb Method” and / or an “Advanced Calculation Method” as per Annex 13 of the CSS Code.



Cargo damage due to water ingress through leaking hatch covers means a possible cargo claim. Tightness on cargo holds is the main warranty to preserve cargo condition on board. There are various ways to check the Weathertightness of hatch covers as hose test, chalk test, light test etc…however the most reliable method is the UST Ultrasonic testing that provides measurable results of the compression on the sealing system and determine the specific leaking points were the tightness may be compromised by an accurate checking, suggesting actions to increase tightness.


Our marine technical surveyors will ascertain the physical condition of the vessel and the efficiency of the onboard management to comply with the standards. Safety and operational test are also included to provide the master and owners´ a focus list of improvements and risk conditions.

Nuestros inspectores técnicos marinos comprobarán el estado físico de la embarcación y la eficiencia de la gestión a bordo para cumplir con los estándares. También se incluyen pruebas operativas y de seguridad para proporcionar al capitán y a los propietarios una lista focalizada de mejoras y condiciones de riesgo.


Provide Master/vessel assistance on casualty related to crew illness, injury, or death. Logistic support for crew needs or stowaway’s repatriation. Full report investigation to stablish the cause of incident and preventive actions recommendation.


Physical loss of bunker, fuel consumption optimization, undeclared hidden bunker detection, tampering of sounding pipes and any other discrepancies that needs to be detected can be identified by our Marine Surveyors during a Bunker Detective Survey. This intervention helps detect accurate quantities, mitigate loss of fuel consumption that represents a significant expenditure within maritime transport.

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