World trade is growing, and shippers requires to ensure and certify transport service. Verify cargo condition, stowing and lashing procedures to minimize risk and mitigate loss. We verify processes and assist operation to guarantee the proper condition for your cargo. Furthermore, when things get complicated, we investigate, determine assessment of damages and responsibility to your best interests.


Damage to terminals and equipment is a structural but also an operational problem. In many cases an urgent intervention is necessary to perform survey in the best way-time possible. This is motivated by the need to solve the disruption of operations in the shortest possible time, proceeding with reparation to avoid delays, however, major or minor damages mostly end on long term claims.
Our clients such as Terminal operators, TT Club´s, Logistic Operators, Insurance Company are always concern on the causes and assessment of damage but even more concern on restart or keeping operations running to avoid a break on the logistic chain and the consequences.



One of the priorities of casualty is the urgent response of a team with enough experience to assist on unpredictable situations.
Control System Survey is ready for immediate intervention with our inhouse team all around Spain and Portugal. Our skilled experts will reenforce investigation with the different specialization as our team is built with master mariners, marine engineers, Industrial Engineers and forensic/fire investigators, consultants and experts with extensive experience dealing with any kind of casualty, incident or claim.
On long term cases we also work together with clients’ layers and advisors, as per client request, to scope the best interest for the investigation.


After many years on the Steel Sector, our experience can provide a complete full service on steel cargo transport.
Our weekly intervention on the steel transport handling helps us to detect damages as:

  • Rusty claims

  • Chloride’s contamination

  • Mechanical damages

  • Wrong stowage damages

  • Humidity detection

  • Packing deficiencies, etc.

Our Senior Surveyors with more than 30 years in steel trading cargoes, transport claims as well as quality steel claims will provide full support for our clients to escort and assist during all process.



Cargo contamination is an unfortunate situation for all parties and is important to stablish responsibilities, quantities, mitigation of damages. The investigation of the incident is just as important as taking swift action to avoid losses of profit and demurrage/delays.
Contamination can be generated by different sources such as water, other or previous cargo, external agent, product stowage reaction and the origin may lead to different causes but with the same results, total or partial loss of value and/or rejection of the cargo.
On liquid cargos, before downgrading or declaring a total loss, our assistance with will provide the best approach and advise to the issue.
Part of our intervention includes:

  • Investigate and identify the source and type of contamination.

  • Mitigate delays and promote effective ship/shore communication.

  • Assist on the resolution to mitigate damages on cargo, etc


Fixing the amount for damages after an incident is as important as determining the causes. It is a simple concept that in practice becomes much more complex when the assessment does not follow a formula or a pattern. That is why it is a function that can only be performed by an expert, and even sometimes with external advisor.

Our experience at Control System Survey is the result of many years working on shipping and road transport. Our daily work with different insurance companies demands the most accurate assessment of damages.
When we perform a joint intervention, we seek to ensure position on the most professional way to protect our client’s interest.


When we get nominated as claims specialists appointed and paid by an insurance company to investigate a complex or contentious claim on their behalf, we often provide all our full technical, operative and experienced background to establish the cause of a loss, assessment of damages, technical remarks, information assistance for recovery, conclusions and suggestions. This intervention includes site investigation of the loss performed with our inhouse team (Spain, Portugal & Italy) or with our surveyors’ close network, in order to gather evidence and assess damage.
We provide to the Insurance Companies a full Survey Report recommending and assisting on appropriate value based on the evidence of the events.


Handling claims involves in many cases the work of a multidisciplinary team. It is essential that these efforts combine the presence of lawyers, insurers and many other parties.
Our role is to provide technical information and work hand in hand with our principal’s external team in order to seek the interests of our clients.
Claims can be a complex and with lengthy process. Requires dedication and continuity of a constant established team as Control System Survey, with long-experienced experts fully committed to our inhouse dynamics.
Another important element on the claim handling is consider the Loss of Profit or stablish the correct step for Insurance Recovery, one of the type of claims most commonly applied by the service provider related to infrastructure or operations. Often represents a high-cost value on the maritime sector. Our technical team is well known for determine the detail of all the cost involve and avoid extra charges.


When an incident has the undesirable consequence of breaking the business, loss of profits is just as significant as the damages. In the maritime industry, the cost of loss of profits is often higher than damage recovery.
In this sense it is important to establish the correct cost considering:

  • Set the correct length of the indemnity period

  • Calculate the costs of contingency to operating your business, such as extra equipment, payrolls, etc.

  • Service cancelation

  • Other costs involved on the business


Member states through their administrations keep a full surveillance on all the actions in order to verify the condition of the vessel and its equipment meet the requirements of international conventions and ensuring everything is in accordance with international law force.
Port State Control inspectors are always looking for the relevant event and conditions. When a Vessel is been investigated, depending on the deficiencies detected or if vessel is involved in any other relevant incident (as pollution, massive cargo contamination, etc), the ship can be detained.
Our intervention will provide the owner the assistance to mitigate damages, verify the correct technical and administrative procedures reported on the vessel. Our intervention can be reenforced with the assistance of lawyers to revert detection in the shortest time possible and avoid demurrage.


The preservation of the oceans has become one of the main goals of the Member States. Under this premise, marine pollution is an unwanted situation that must be treated with responsibility and the help of Control System Survey Marine Experts who allow a correct investigation in this situation considering:

  • Have a clear understanding of the operational and legal responsibilities of actors in the maritime sector.

  • Investigate events, determine causes, assessment of damages and parties involved.
    Advising on damage mitigation.

  • Provide assistance to our principal during the investigation and complaint process.

  • We include the advantage of marine technology tools to get tracking, sampling, or any other proves for the investigation.

A marine investigation shall also contemplate the possible outcomes that may result in punitive actions, such as monetary penalties, ships detention, suspension or revocation of a seafarer’s license depending on local laws and regulations.

Most importantly, our background performing these operations allow us to proceed in the shortest time possible avoiding delays and according to the legal procedures.



Special intervention for fire investigation is performed by forensic engineer with full Background as fire expert. This requires the skills to:

  • Conduct investigation on the best way to determine the cause of the fire

  • Preserve the scene on the relevant areas

  • Select the relevant evidence to perform lab analysis

All this should be conducted under the most strictly way according to the law and with the legal protocols.


Helping our customers mitigate damage is one of our objectives during intervention. To achieve this, we own an extensive worldwide network contacts of buyers allowing damaged cargo to be handled quickly and efficiently reducing costly demurrage, detention, or potential storage expense. Our expert claims handle team will be able to provide you with a extensive service that combine:

  • Determining the technical characteristics of the load and the correct quantities

  • Find potential buyers interested in the specific product

  • Provide offers to the parties involved and comply with the legal and health processes involved

  • Ensure the transport of the cargo to the new buyer

  • Consider possible cargo disposal

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