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Warehouses can be considered a high-risk work environment, but, there are plenty of resources you can consult to ensure comprehensive warehouse risk management. In addition to your site-specific risk assessment, all warehouse and factory work environments.
Here are some of the critical risks to consider when assessing an organization’s warehouse space:

  • Fire

  • Flooding

  • Security

  • Dealing and handling with hazardous substances

  • Employee safety

  • Product damages

  • Equipment failure

  • Visitor sign-in registers

  • Electronic security and surveillance systems

  • Employee checks

  • Employee safety

All the risks could be detected and avoided conducting regular risk assessments and preventing as much as possible, detecting the areas which could be improved.



When complex equipment needs to be replaced it is important to assess the technical considerations of the experts to determine:

  • Technical requirements for the new equipment

  • Implementation of new technology options according to the equipment performance needs.

  • Assistance during substitution.

In addition, we also provide technical assistance for vessel purchase, by conducting a visual inspection of the structure and conditions to give you the details of the vessel status. Our intervention might also include services as:

  • Machinery Test

  • Cargo equipment test

  • Safety equipment conditions and fire test

  • Sea trial

Our scope is to propose recommendations to the possible owner to take the best decision previous the negotiation.


The Fix and Floating objects around the ports are non-relevant elements on our daily routine until they suffer damage and may be the cause of risky conditions to navigation or even the inability to execute operations normally.
An incident affecting or floating or fix marine structures may end on huge claims, not only for the reparations but for the loss of profits generated by delays.
Control System Survey offers the best Marine Civil Engineers and claim handling team to provide full service as:

  • Immediate intervention after incident

  • Assessment of damage and technical advising for delays mitigation

  • Investigate causes and responsibilities

  • Technical assistance during reparation

  • Loss of profit and claim handling

Our clients (Port Authorities, Terminals, TT Clubs, P&I Clubs, Insurance Companies, Shipping lines and Marinas) have trusted us in incidents with damage to objects as:

  • Jetty

  • Loading arms

  • Piers & fenders

  • Dolphins

  • Bollards


  • Marine hoses & cables

  • Passenger gangways

  • Navigation Ais

  • Pontoons and marinas facilities



Automotive sector has very high-quality standards and shipping logistic for vehicles is not the exception. This cargo needs to be handled with special attention to avoid any damage and provide the final client a perfect vehicle condition.
However, we all know that transport includes risks and even the best handling protocols may end in cargo deficiency. This represents a problem to the logistic operator who needs to anticipate de deficiencies in the logistic chain to activate de correct contingency plan to mitigate delays.
We offer a vehicle inspection service that provides logistics operators the data with full car conditions at a specific point in the logistics chain. This allows them to:

  • Know the exactly physical conditions of the cars

  • Assessment of the damage detected

  • Prepare specific reparation plan according to the damage

  • Activate an incident contingency plan to mitigate delay damages


We know how important data is in the logistics chain and our service helps operators to anticipate any incident and mitigate dos damages. At the same time, this information also helps the claim department to identify responsibilities during the transport logistic.


We take full advantage of our technology to provide the best service. Drone Survey allow us to get where no one can get. Our hight tech survey equipment gives us the full video resolution to the difficult areas.
Our Drone Survey intervention is especially useful to get approach on places like: Cranes, mast, seaside hull, cargo holds, ballast or void spaces, terminal cranes, shore tanks, communication antennas, floating navigation aids, warehouse, bridges, etc

We have also tacking advantage of drone technology to approach to areas where human life intervention is risky or forbidden for safety human reasons.


Physical loss of bunker, fuel consumption optimization, undeclared hidden bunker detection, tampering of sounding pipes and any other discrepancies that needs to be detected can be identified by our Marine Surveyors during a Bunker Detective Survey. This intervention helps detect accurate quantities, mitigate loss of fuel consumption that represents a significant expenditure within maritime transport.

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